App is crashing!

IPhone 11
iOS 16.2

Was doing a simple flight when all of a sudden my app crashed and it forced quit my game. Happened three times this week. Any one having the same problem?

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yeah i was just flying and it crashed i dont have a clue why

It’s annoying man, was doing a long haul and I had soon as I check my app crashed

Sorry to hear this. Have you downloaded the hotfix update?

for this i have but it still crashes and i dont know why it keeps doing it

dont worry bro i feel your pain

I also share your pain🥲
There will be a 2nd hotfix due for release to curb the current crashes many of us still experiencing even with the hotfix update. The IF staff team are working on it, every crash is automatically sent to the IF staff team to identify ongoing crashes and produce a fix. Unfortunately it take time to produce a hotfix.

I personally have not experienced any crashes since the hotfix update, but that’s because I am limiting to zooming in the captain view into the instruments and set HUD MAP and it is working ok so far, not necessarily because of the core problem in relation to the crashes though.

There’s several threads about this in the forum.

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Got to have patience, there’s people experiencing crashing, while there is also a majority not experiencing crashing. We know Infinite Flight is working on it. As the app gets more complex in these updates it’s going to get a lot more common.

What device are you guys using?
Because I use the iphone 14pro and I have never once have an issue or a crash. I feel like this might be on your end not the developers end.

Not necessarily.

Prior to a new release, devs and beta testers do extensive testing. This process identifies and corrects most major issues.

However, once you push an app out to thousands of users with different devices, configurations, and networks, not to mention thousands of unique users who use the app in different ways, it’s only natural additional issues will surface.

As pointed out, a log is sent to the developers after an app crash. A second hotfix, which addresses additional app crashes, is in the works.

I use an iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) 5th Gen with M1 chip and haven’t experienced app crashes based on my usage. However, it’s entirely possible another user of the same device with a different device config, network connection, and/or usage behavior may experience problems. There’s a lot of variables involved.

I experienced app crashes with a previous release – yes, it’s frustrating. Hang in there, the developers are working hard on the next hotfix.

Steve - W0X0F

I saw multiple post about crashes. It’s just very frustrating as a customer who pays 120$ CAD and my flights crashes. I know they are working on it but it’s frustrating

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing crashes.

I know it’s frustrating.

The hotfix already fixed several issues found in crash reports.
Luckily crash reports are sent automatically, so you can count on the devs being hard at work tracking down causes for those crashes and finding fixes for them.
It will take some time though, so please bear with them.
It has top priority.

There is already a fix in place for a specific crash during a long-haul flight. It’s currently being tested.
Hope it’s the one you are experiencing. 🤞

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