App is crashing

Many times I request this issue …but no one not fix still .

Well, the app seems to work perfectly fine for a large subset of individuals here so consider:

  • do you fly longer flights entirely on night?
  • are you using IF’s low power mode?
  • do you restart your device before every flight?
  • are you on 30 fps?
  • is your anti aliasing off?
  • how high are your graphics?
  • do you lower screen brightness?
  • do you face the camera in a way that it doesn’t render ground during cruise?

I understand crashes can be frustrating but a lot of times they can also be user caused as well.


Ok, I don’t think that send the review to take down infinite flight (if that’s what it is) is necessary. The devs are doing everything they can to help prevent crashes.

Also if you haven’t done the things that have been said multiple times on topics that are about game crashes like graphics and airplane count on low I would highly suggest doing so because it should reduce the chances of crashes. If you have been then it might be something else.

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They aren’t accepting any new users.