App is crashing all the time. Don't know what to do..... Please help

What do I do when I can’t even fly and land the plane properly??? I have done so many flights with a350, 777, a320 and a380 and the app has crashed every time. I’m also using a IPad Gen 5 it’s been horrible since the a350 came out my app has been crashing ever since that.

Hello. @Joely1,

Fortunately, you’re not the one experiencing this issue.

After the release of 19.4, the app has been taking a big amount of memory from devices due to a memory leak, causing an increase in the number of crashes.

This was documented in the 19.4 support FAQ and includes some tips on how to lower the chances of crashes.


Thanks for that @AlphaSeven. But I did HKG - SEA and I put all my settings on lowest setting possible and still crashed.??

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Can you check if you have enough storage on your device?

Your device only has just over 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM, devices with less than 3GB or 4GB will experience more crashes. The device also has an Apple A9 processor which clocks in at 1.84GHz.

I only have 1 GB without any crashes so far

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A hotfix is on its way. I have information from @schyllberg that it is a third party issue and IF can do nothing about it but provide these tips until the third party provider fixes the issue.

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