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I was 3/4 of the way through a six-hour flight and the app crashed. I am guessing that my iPad Pro (the newest largest screen device) ran out of RAM for this app? Thoughts?

my iphone 7+ crashed 8 mins after departure.

I’d clear the cache before each flight. I beta tested on an iPad Pro and it was fine.


Was IF the only app running? I assume you cleared your quick launches?

Keep in mind the servers are also under heavy load. This will all stabilize shortly as things “even out a bit”.


If it matters, the app itself was slow to respond to many commands. I thought the iPad Pro was running out of RAM.

I used a 10.5 Ipad Pro in beta and a number of post release flights and never had any issues.

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I was running an iPhone 6 on release day with no issues. Try closing all background apps before running Infinite Flight, it does take up quite a bit of RAM.

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How do you clear the cache?

My iphone 6s runs just fine in a 13h flight(in low power mode).

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