App ideas?

So folks,

I recently discovered a way to turn my spreadsheet calculator creations (note my several posts in the past concerning spreadsheets I made) into apps with a wonderful online program called Open-as-App. It’s getting me to the point of wondering: what would be the most useful, “do-it-all” application you guys might want? The test app I came up with last night is amazing. I want to really get some ideas to explore with what to do with this thing!

Please brainstorm - any ideas no matter how crazy are more than welcome!

See last night’s comment regarding the test app in a response to a previous post I wrote:

Thank you - enjoy your winter in the skies!


Some way to communicate with other pilots through different frequencies!


I would love a app that you can fly with you phone and see what you do on your iPad/other phone!

An app that would make our plane to have TOD.
And it will make our planes descend itself.

IF Assistant has automated climb and descent

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With IOS. I’m on Android unfortunately

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It will told you when to descend exactly via notification. And starts to descend the plane by itself :)

Yeah that’s IF Assistant, sounds like they just need to go to Android to solve your problem.


Laughing/crying at “just” but yep, that is planned at some point.


I’m no expert, but I’m assuming you used some sort of incompatible code or something… If that’s the case then that sounds quite difficult

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You should create a new infinite pax app

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