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Hi all, im hoping someone can please help me out here! I was using an app that gives airport info such as what gates airlines fly from etc etc and it was from a post on here. But ive had to reset my ipad and now for the life of me i cant remember what the app was called! I’ve looked on itunes but I cant see it in my downloads. I’m hoping whoever posted about the app on here can help me?

Do you have any more details on what the app does?

That’s what he said

Yes but a little more information would help. That’s all.
I’m sure there are many apps that could provide information such as this.

Could it be FlightAware?

Could it be ‘GateGuru’ ?

Hi Guys, thanks so far but its none of these apps. i know a little more info would help but all i sued it for was knowing what gates to use at airports! i know it also had info about what foods and shops where at each airport too. I know this is vauge but its so annoying that i just cant remember!

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Hmm this sounds like an app a typical flyer would use, not just for enthusiasts like us…

Even though your iPad has been reset as long as you sign in with the same apple ID you should still be able to view your past downloads.
Correct me if I’m wrong here…

I know but its not showing in my dowloads which i dont understand? and it is more for the typical flyer rather than us lot for sure.

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@Jake_Brimble thanks you ive got it again. thank you to all of you who chipped in with some help. For your info is called Ifly

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