App glitches

Does anyone have the issue we’re The app exits mid flight? Or glitches a lot it’s causing problems and now I have a violation 2 because of it.

So the app is glitching and you magically got a Level 2 Violation because of it?

No as I’m landing I I’m phone is glitching it’s happening often now then after landings “smart one”
ATC sends me The instructions I click to respond still glitching on and off and then That causes me to miss read left or right ending with a violation “smart one” again
-Correction I’m not mad about the violation idc I know I don’t get them I only came on here because I was having a glitch problem and wanted to see if others had the same issue. PERIOD!

First of all, what is your device and your graphics settings at?

iPhone XR everything regular setting on High

I issued him a L2 because he didn’t exit the runway in the correct direction, and it could possibly conflict with other traffic down the taxiway towards the ramp coming in that direction. High traffic, high stakes, and was going off of objectively what happened, nothing personal to you Khal. :)

He informed me it was a glitch and it was hard to understand the command properly. I recommended he open an appeal ticket and sort it out there. On the other hand, not sure how to approach the glitching, as I know it is an issue here on our servers that are actively trying to be fixed - this is more of a question for the team.

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Was the game itself lagging (FPS drops etc) or was only the ATC system acting out?

I’m just trying to help here. I was just wondering about the violation because you said it glitches in mid-air which made me think that you got it in the middle of the flight. No need to get upset with me

You right I apologize it’s just a lil frustrating because my phone really glitches I have at least 4 long haul flights that randomly end my flight when on final so after that I always delete the app and reinstall I keep having to do this and today was just my luck

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You are experiencing performance issues; what you need to do is:

  • Lower your graphics settings (preferably all to low/medium)
  • Restart device before each flight
  • Limit background apps during the flight
  • Prevent overheating by putting your phone on a cold surface

The iPhone XR is NOT powerful enough to handle max settings. The steps above SHOULD significantly decrease the crashing and glitching issues you are having, @Khal.

Good luck sorting out your violation if you intend to do so.

Have a good day :)

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Now this I appreciate also, the manual setting sounds about right for this device.

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This is a really useful place to visit for more information on how to reduce the issues you’re experiencing:

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