App froze / 2 violations - iPhone Max


During takeoff the game started lagging but because all the aircraft ground I figured it’d clear up after takeoff. About 2 minutes in the game froze for about 40 seconds. It never unfroze and the screen changed to I crashed.

I received two violations during that time. It would be nice to have those erased but that’s not a big deal. Mostly just wanted to relay an issue with game performance.

I’m going to attempt the same runway but on casual. I’ll add an edit if I notice performance differences.

how busy was the airport? it may of been super busy and laggy

Was your Wi-Fi network strong?

I think that may have been it. But previously I’ve never had it fully lock up. Even with busy. Though I haven’t played much in the new iPhone Max yet.

It was. At least I believe so. I ran a quick network test just now and no indications of problems.

what airport did you takeoff from

Did you have any background apps running,or a screenshot? Also do you have the latest version of IF?

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