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Updated my IPad Air 2 to 9.3.1 and have been experiencing freezes every 2 minutes or so when flying or controlling in IFATC. I’ve checked my internet speeds, 40mbps. I’ve restarted my device as well. Have had no luck resolving. Any suggestions?

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Did you try putting it in the oven?

Haha, in all seriousness, did you try a hard reset? That means holding down the on and home button for a few seconds until it restarts.


Maybe you need to reduce the aircraft count/dots on live.

I think this iPad should be able to handle all graphics on high.


I have an iPad Air 2 on iOS 9.3.2 Public Beta 1. It works perfectly with all the settings on high.


Was checking, 2GB or RAM is something I wish I had on my phone.
@Doug_Hamilton try to not use IF for 24hs. See if that works. I do that when my app starts freezing (I have Android, but it wouldn´t hurt trying that).

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I have a Apple Mini 4 with Very High Live count and the highest graphics for the airplanes. No lag.

Point is, it should work fine graphically.

Graphically, it’s fine. The problem
Is freezing.

I too have had this problem today for the first time …

I am currently using a 5s on 9.3.1 which has a slightly worse chip. I am using everything on high but nothing is wrong. It does not freeze.

If this is specific to when on Live, then it’s the network. I use an Air 2 same iOS as you on a cable internet. No matter how fast the speed is, if there’s packet loss, jittering or exsceesive latency there’s a high chance of freezing or losing the connection. First thing to check or try is to unplug the router and modem while the iPad is also turned off.
Plug the modem back in first, then the router. Wait for them to light up as they normally do. Restart the iPad and launch a live session. Most of the time an improvement is noticeable. Check security settings and disable whatever you can live without. In some cases that might not be much.


Thank you David, I’ll give this a try.

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