App Freezing whilst in Flight

Hi all, got a issue with the app freezing up whilst in flight. I flick through the camera modes to see the aircraft and that’s it. Can’t do anything with it. I have to force close the app to start again. Issue arose since latest update 20.1, device Samsung Galaxy S8. Graphics on medium settings. I’ve also installed the hot fix update, as I thought that might of fixed this potential issue 🙁

Any help would be much appreciated!


Have you tried restarting your device before every flight?

Yeah I always do :)

Do you have anti aliasing turned off?

Anti aliasing is turned off, I’ve never used it tbh, it causes more issues with my device.

Are you flying into extremely busy airports like KJFK or KORD?

IMO and as a general rule of thumb, as the app continues to get more and more sophisticated and graphically demanding, I suggest just stop flying to IFATC featured airports, which tend to get extremely busy at peak hours.

I know it’s not the point, but we didn’t pay $80 to have the app crash every time you pushback or file a FPL. You can still enjoy the sim without interacting with IFATC 🙂

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No, never fly into hub airports, I rarely fly on the ES. I’m normally flying with very little traffic around me.

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I know the S8 is starting to show it’s age. The point is, I never had one single crash with 19.4 or any updates over the last two years of using this device. 20.1 comes along and 10 minutes into the flight ‘Crash’ twice now aswell.

What were you flying?

Airbus 737-800

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I’m asking seriously, were you flying the 772 or the A333. Maybe the crash comes from a specific one.

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I was flying the 737-800 variant. What’s not to understand? Jet2 livery if that helps 🙂

I thought you were messing around, the 737 is a Boeing

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Didn’t know Airbus had B737 🤦‍♂️

Try reducing aircraft count

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Oh I see sorry yeah Boeing lol 😂

It’s late here 🙄

I had three other aircraft around me at the time. All airborne not at the airport.

I have a similar phone and mine doesn’t crash, you sure you have enough storage?

I have about 28GB of storage left.

It’s been a good device, I’ve definitely got the use out of it, maybe the processor is burning out or something.