‎app freezing on long haul

device: samsung galaxy tab s7
operating system: android 13

infinite flight keeps freezing on my last couple long haul attempts and i keep getting the ui message that the app is not responding anymore. i waited for like 30 minutes but it kept giving me the message. anyone else have this issue?


Is your Wi-Fi connection good?

yes it’s stable and has good ping and all that

Hey, to have a better diagnosis of your issue, please share your graphics settings at different phases of the flight.

What I recommend is HIGH for takeoff, LOW when above 10.000ft.

Also a medium aircraft count might be helpful in busy airports/airspace.

Also AntiAliasing has some impact on performance on Android (as opposed to iOS) it might be worth trying a flight with this option turned off.

Let me know if this worked!


i keep my graphics settings on high. the only thing i change on climb to descend is the framerate. this never caused an issue to me until a week ago.

Then that’s most probably the issue you’re having. Whenever possible, set your graphics to low, and to be honest, 30 FPS is very much acceptable while not putting stress on your device

i really feel like that’s not the issue as i could keep it at high graphics until a week ago without this happening. maybe something went wrong on a software update which the devs could fix later.

I’m just giving some advice as I had an Android until recently…with exactly the same issues

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alright will try. i’m in the middle of a flight right now.

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Hopefully It doesn’t crash

will report if something happens

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it froze again

At what stage of the flight?

i was asleep when it happened

Oh okay… I would then wait for a staff to find an answer to your problems!

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i hope they find the issue and resolve it in the near future

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Alright, so when you first crated the topic i had no problems but today When I was flying it happened to me (For the first time). The game just freezes

Device: Poco M3 Pro
Operating system: MIUI 13 (Android 12)

Update: Looks like it happened after 3:30 Hours into the flight

Any updates?

Unfortunately, I had this problem too the other day. Graphics on low, fps set to 30. Right before i started descent app closed and gave me a error saying the app was not responding.

For some reason I have a small thought that maybe switching FPS settings while in flight could cause this, as I had recently switched them.

However, I’m sure this is not that case.

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I had this issue last week when doing YBBN-CYVR and descending into Vancouver it did that. Only happened once though.

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