App Freezes While loading Aircraft Information

Every time i open approach (or any other radar frequency) somewhere in the US, whenever i try and look at an aircraft’s information by pressing ‘show information’ the screen freezes for a moment before the info pops up. For some reason it’s fine whenever i’m controlling an airport out of the US though or when i’m not on approach. It only happens if i’m on a radar frequency and my airport/airspace is in the US, everywhere else it seems to be fine, also it seems to be fine if i’m on a local frequency instead.

I don’t know if it could be something about receiving or downloading the information, because once you try to view it again after you’ve seen it for the first time, it’s suddenly fine. It only freezes if it’s the first time that you are seeing it. It’s not too much of a problem if the airspace is relatively quiet, but if you’re controlling a busy airspace and it freezes every single time you try and look at someone’s information for the first time it can become really annoying.

I’ve tried restarting my device, resetting my WiFi router, still doesn’t work. I control with the camera off so it probably makes no difference, but just to be sure i put all the graphics on low with no success either.

Device is an Ipad Air 2. (Yes, it may be old but it runs IF with no problems. Furthermore, i don’t think it’s to do with my device as I don’t seem to be the only one with this problem, a few other people seem to have the same issue too.)

A lot of that could be your network. Does it happen on all networks or just the home one. I assume you are on WIFI?

Yes, i am using WiFi on my home network. I haven’t tried any other network though.

I would try another network first and see. You already have graphics on low which is good for controlling.

Have you always had this problem or is it something new?

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I’ve probably had it for around 1 or 2 months, but before that i don’t know because i only passed my radar practical around a month ago. I’ll try another network and see if there’s any improvement.

I’m just interested as to why it only happens in the US, but is suddenly fine when i open somewhere else.

Depends on where you were at. Some airports are better than others depending on whats around there. Hard to tell. Let us know if it works on other networks and be sure to reboot prior.

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Tried mobile data and it’s still the same, no difference at all

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