App Freezes (Very Painful)

Hey guys, I use a Sony Xperia z3+. I hv up to 10gb internal memory remaining and up to 3gb RAM, plus I exit all apps when I play IF. I’ve noticed that whenever I play global and there are many users within an airport, the app freezes or lags painfully slow. I was flying from Amsterdam to Heathrow(EGLL) today on TS , about 5NM to the airport, the app froze and lagged and I eventually lost control and crash landed outside d runway.
I then took off from another airport without any users in sight and it worked perfectly. Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks.

You’re phone may not be powerful enough. I use a IPhone 6plus but it is still not powerful and I have the same issue. I recommend getting an IPad or Samsung Tablet is you can

I guess u can’t fly long hauls too?

This used to happen to me. I went into settings and reduced the rendering quality and some other quality and limit the frame rate. Worked fine ever since.


I’ve reduced all my settings to Medium, it works fine when there are 1-30 users at an airport. The problem starts when users are over 40

consider lowering your “airplane count” setting for this issue

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