App freezes iPhone 6s

During taxi it’s always freezing for a few seconds and it’s starting to get annoying
iPhone 6s on max graphics

Hi there,

Could you please provide more details such as:

  • iOS build (12.1.4) Firmware version latest available to the public
  • Infinite Flight build. Latest is 19.1.4
  • Is the lag consistent and reproducible?
  • Is it only at busy airports?
  • How often do you Reboot your device?

These things are great for the team to help reproduce issues.


it’s on the latest build, I don’t know if you can reproduce it. It does it by itself and it happens every flight ( not at busy airports to )

Okay, have you tried dropping the settings down a touch to see if it improves your experience. Maybe try Quality Settings at Best and High while ensuring that you have Limit Frame Rate enabled. Remember to adjust these settings after a fresh reboot of the app and adjust them before your flight. Also, Low Power Mode has benefits however if there’s no activity (user input for a minute or so) this Mode will reduce the frame rate to optimize battery life during the flight. A quick tap on the screen and the frame rate will increase.

I have a spare 6s and I’ve been using it all day, I’ll share a photo of the settings.

I’ve flown between Boston, New York and Baltimore- I haven’t had the same issue as of yet.

The device is getting a little older so unfortunately the settings do have to get reduced slightly like levet said

That’s in-flight settings. What about pre-flight Settings? They are different ;)

Truth be told, I haven’t restarted this device in a week or so - but I do close all apps prior to take off!

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