App forces to close

Hello IFC,
Does anyone happened to closes the app on you while you were on flight?
I was on my approximately 17 hour flight today from YYZ to VHHH, as I was approaching Hong Kong on left downwind 07R and I reported my position then all of a sudden the app forces to close itself. How is that happened? I got a new Ipad Air. Im kind if disappointed that I could not finish that 17 hour flight.

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Let’s start from scratch. Any restarting your device before the flight, clearing RAM, lowering graphics, closing background apps, any of that shabang?

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Hey there, @jasper.hero!

This is mainly a currently known issue with the new 19.4 update that is caused due to a memory leak. However, this might not always be the case. You can check for more info here!

Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting!

Here are some tips you can try to reduce this issue from happening again:

  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Live Aircraft Count: Low to None, None especially on Final.
  • Rendering resolution: Low

Can you tell if you have enough storage on your device?


Oh okay I see thats why. Im gonna try to change my settings on my next flight later. And I got 256G on my Ipad so. But thanks anyways, I think this one helps. Thanks man :)

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I only use my Ipad for flying, besides than that nothing else. But yea I will try to restart my app whenever Im doing long flight. Thanks for response budd :)