App for see the replay on Android?

Hi everyone.
Finally I have managed to download a replay on my device. But I don’tt know what to do now. It shows “I don’t have any app for open this file” I need an app to see the replay downloaded on my device? Any recommendation?

This is because it is a .replay file. You cannot really watch a .replay file with any other app.

Try this out:

You can see your past replays just by going to “Replays” on the home screen of Infinite Flight

Yes, I’ve done all that. So I still have not understood the purpose of the “replay” files…

The replay files’ purpose is so you can export it from Infinite Flight and then send it to other pilots, friends etc and then they can click on it from their device and open it up in Infinite Flight and watch your replay :)

Find more on this here:


Ok. Now I have it clear. Thanks!

And how do I remove the lower bar in a replay from IF?

Just hold down your finger on the screen for around 3 seconds and it will disappear.

Same to get it back :)

Great! Thanks for your help!

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