App for IF

I have no experience in app development but I have thought about becoming self taught this year. I have all day and night right now to teach myself.

My bigger idea would be the time for an app for IF.

So if you had to guess, on average, if a person has the tools and knowledge and wanted to build a third party app, say like IF Assistant, how long does this process take?

I am just curious, developing a high quality third party app, what kind of time commitment is it?

Let me also give a huge thank you to all you developers for your time and effort. Whether it’s working on airports in game or working on add ons to enhance the simulator experience, it’s incredible all that you do. Your work doesn’t go unnoticed!

That is sort of a loaded question. It depends on what you are wanting to accomplish. Are you only focusing on ios or android too? Will you want to charge for it? etc. How long are you going to be willing to support it? Will you have a website? What cost will you have up front?

I think you would be better off making a sample project to learn the process and the challenges. Then learn about the IF API and do sample tasks.

It’s not going to be easy, but it also depends on your idea of fun. :)


Thanks for the reply. I realize now that I didn’t ask the most specific question, especially with something like this.
But I will take your advice and see how that works out. Fun for me can be the stuff others say is boring! 😉

And I hadn’t realized about all the other variables…thx again!

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