App doesn't stay open overnight

I’m trying to do long haul flights overnight, and leave the app open for about 9 hours, but after a few hours, it seems to just quit the flight. I leave the phone connected to power, with both WiFi and 4g switched on but it still quits the flight about halfway through. I’ve also got the low power mode enabled in the settings.
I’ve also noticed that I get these messages

It eventually says ‘application deactivated’, and does not activate again.
My phone is a Xiaomi Poco F1 ; I know it’s an obscure phone, however this should not cause any problems, with a Snapdragon 845 and 6gb ram.

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Does your phone have a crash reporter? Or do you get a notification on your phone saying that the app had quit?

Do you have developer options or anything similar enabled?

Are you running a beta version of Android, or using all of the latest stock updates?


I don’t think it force quitted. Its almost as if someone pressed the home button, and then the app just got taken out of ram. Im running Android 9 Pie, on a stable custom ROM.

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In regards to the ram question, you can check how much ram has been used across a period of time, which might show you if that’s the case?
Although having 6GB available, I highly doubt that’s the case…

Is there any way for you to roll back to the stock ROM instead of using a custom one?

Have you had this happen before or is it an isolated event?

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The ram usage seems normal. I could roll back to the stock ROM, but I do prefer this one. Admittedly, I did not get this problem on the OEM ROM.
I’ll try another flight tonight, with the battery optimisation for Infinite flight turned off, and see if that helps

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Out of curiosity where were you going?

I recommend you check on the app every 12-22 minutes to prevent app crashes or sudden disconnection of the flight. Leaving the app idle without touching the game screen once for more than 22 minutes will automatically disconnect the flight, even if you have the app running on the screen.

This isn’t true at all… Otherwise how would people be able to do 10HR+ flights overnight when they’re asleep 🙃

I leave my phone active for hours at a time, plugged in and on battery, and I’ve never had a disconnection issue like that.

Maybe do some research buddy 🙂

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I’ve had the same situation happen to me (except without those messages appearing, and without it plugged in a charger), but with the app running in the background and not on the screen itself. In around somewhere of 12-22 minutes my flight automatically stopped.

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I am not sure that is accurate. We have pilots performing 12-13 hour flights and most are away from their device.

@Lewis_M, try to put your device in do not disturb mode? Maybe you have a large number of push notifications that are causing it to behave like that?


Wait, if that’s the case then how do they do it? I’ve not been able to figure out why the app got automatically disconnected. During one flight between London and Northern Ireland (which is one hour), I was somewhere in the quarter mark of my flight when I was leaving the coastline of Wales/England when I left my device without touching the app. When I came back, I found the screen with the flight information on what happened and saw my flight only went on for 22 minutes in total (autopilot was on before I left).

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Not sure. You may want to open your own support thread to discuss it.

You say the app was running in the background. If I’m correct, this will cause it to pause/stop flight. You must have it open and on screen at all times.

From what I know of Xiaomi Devices, their version of Android MIUI, does have very aggressive RAM and Battery Management. It may be that either a power saving feature detected IF as using too much battery and forced it to close.
As you’re using a custom ROM, I’m unsure as to whether these issues would still be present.

On the stock version of of Android 9 Pie, if you go into
Settings→ System→ Developer Options and scroll right to the bottom, you should find some RAM Management options.
At this point, I’d check that your phone isn’t set to force quit apps after being left for a period of time etc.

This is how mine looks on the developer preview of Android 10Q but it should be somewhat similar.

Just don’t change too much cause you might break it moar 😅


Oh alright, thanks!

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Thanks a lot for the reply! I’ll mess about with some of the battery and ram management settings and see if that fixes it.


there can be many reasons:

  • screen turn off time (not turned off)
  • simple game crash
  • wifi disconnecting for too long
  • device overheating
  • to little storage left
  • other phone settings (check your settings for sure!)
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Are you using a battery saver other than the low power mode?

I fly for 14-15 hours at a time without even touching my phone…

Don’t play around too much (unless you know what you are doing) since you may do some damage.