App doesn't freeze, but ATC voice disappears

Hello IF developers and thank you for doing such a great job to give us this amazing flying times. I know you’re working hard and you are doing great.

Since the new update I did not face any freezing issues at all. However, the ATC voice disappears just a few minutes after spawning into an airport and never reappears again throughout the whole flight. I have set both the pilot and default voice to Alex (US en) just like you told us, but it still disappears. Is there anything I can do with the specific voice to prevent it from disappearing ? I know some other iOS users whom I’ve asked and I’ve been told that their ATC voice does not disappear. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards. Michael

This is part of an ongoing issue that staff are working to fix, sorry for the inconvenience. Although you did try to do the workarounds, they aren’t 100% effective in regard to negating the issue completely, and the issue may still persist.

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Having the same problem hopefully the team can fix it soon!!

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It is actively being worked on. You can continue in the topic listed above. Game Unplayable after Hotfix - Unable to tune to ATC frequency/Cannot hear audio/App Crashes thanks!

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