App disconnecting form the live server

I have been flying overnighters all week and every tine the same happened. When I checked my flight in the morning I was disconnected from the live server. This happened five times this week. When I try to reconnect is doesn’t reconnect. Hopefully this can be solved.

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Are you pausing the app in any way? See any notifications when looking at it in the morning? What kind of device?

I am not pausing the app. And I don’t get any notifications. When I check my replay I see that I have been disconnected multiple times during the flight. I am on an IPhone 7.
Thanks for the quick reply

So everything looks completely normal when you look at it in the morning?

If so, i would try a different connection source for one night. Cellular if you’re on WiFi for example.

Yes everything looks normal apart from not being connected to the live server.

When I switch to cellular in the morning it still won’t reconnect even though it should work.

No, since you have already been disconnected for a long time it won’t work. We don’t allow for reconnections after a longer time of being disconnected.

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