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Dear Community Users,

My game have been crashing for unknown reasons, I haven’t played the game in a while so I gave it another go and purchased my subscription. After I tried flying my game keep crashing which is very usual because it was crashing more frequently.

The first time I had subscription it barely crashed, and after I tweeked a few things in the setting I did a test flight.

The test flight was fairly usable and I didn’t encounter any lag or crashing. But when I tried my long haul flight from ATL- Johannesburg after takeoff my game crashed.

At this point I knew something was wrong…so I went through my list of troubleshooting a few things.

• I restarted my IOS Device (waited 20 minutes)
• Made sure my IOS Device was updated. (It is)
• Checked for App update. (Non available)
• Went into the app settings. (lowered graphics)
• Check my internet connection. (wasn’t the cause)

After my troubleshooting methods nothing seemed to be resolved. So at this point it feels like I can’t even play with game and that I just wasted my last few dollars on something that barely works. (No offense)

I really like this game but I just need this problem resolved.

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Do you have enough storage?

Is your RAM ok to handle it? And have you tried re installing the game?

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So what iOS device do you have? By saying iOS device it could be anything, like the iPhone 2G or the iPad Pro, etc. We need to know this so we can further help you.

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What graphics settings are you using? Perhaps your device can’t handle them so you’ll need to crank them down a notch.

For now you should turn all graphics to Low
And restart your device and close all apps before you start your flight.

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Have a look at this, it might be linked to the constant crashing issues you are experiencing:


I have plenty of storage on this device, Infinite Flight is one of the few games I have on the phone.

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