App Deactivation - Longer Grace Period?

Just thought I’d throw this out there if any of the devs wanted to pick it up:

I’ve had it happen several times where I’m just at the end of a long haul flight and I get a call on the device I’m using to fly. Of course, I have to answer it since it could be work or school related. The frustration I tend to run into though, is that if I’m on a call longer than about 5 minutes, Infinite Flight will deactivate, and of course if I’m just finishing a long flight, this is very frustrating, since (especially if I’m flying for a VA) then I’ll have to go back and redo the flight.

Now, I understand the app deactivating if another application has been opened and is opened for an extended period of time, but if a call comes it, many times it’s important and it must be taken. I don’t know if there’s a way for the developers to make the app distinguish between the phone app and other apps, but if there is, I’m sure many folks would greatly appreciate the App Deactivation function not going off when they’re on a call.

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The app cutting out when you open another application is not really down to the developers. Typically, this would be down to your device not having enough RAM to sustain both an active phone call and Infinite Flight. What with infinite flight being relatively heavy on ram usage, it’s not unlike many other apps that will crash if not kept open.

On many android devices, you can have the call running in the background whilst still having Infinite Flight open, I’m not sure if it’s the same on iOS.

This isn’t really something that can be programmed in to the application, it’s down to your device and it’s software 🤷 I may be wrong, I’m sure Seb or a developer could clarify


Okay, that makes sense… Wonder if they could somehow turn down textures and other things that use up RAM while on a call to make the app run longer in the background? (I’m not a tech expert so please excuse my lack of knowledge around the subject, haha)

The issue we ran into with longer grace periods was that folks were using the app deactivation and using as leverage against ATC, ultimately expecting ATC to give them the same treatment as if nothing happened and sometimes preferential treatment. Ultimately, this was causing more issues with connection issues and ATC being unable to communicate with aircraft and vis versa. I highly doubt the changes from the current app deactivation will follow through as the current system works really well.

My only suggestion is that if you’re receiving a call or something else that causes you to leave the app, is to just quit your flight session, and try again at another time.


Unfortunately I don’t think that would work either. That would require IF knowing when you are on a phone call, what other apps you are using etc. It’s a lot of work and effort for something that can be solved easily… By uh, not taking the call.

There’s also the fact that neither iOS or Android really have the framework in place to allow an app to continue running fully in the background, you think of any game you’ve played then tabbed out of, it’s always paused. And again, there’s the issue of RAM. It’s finite, you don’t have an unlimited supply of it sadly, and your device OS and other applications will already take a chunk of it.

IF also relies on having a connection to live servers at all times which would present another issue as Deercrusher has just posted above.

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Yeah, I guess I can understand the problems that can cause for ATC. I mean, no one can really predict when a call is going to come in, so trying the flight again still has about the same chance of getting a call… Again, I’m not a developer, but it would be nice if someone took some time to think about this, is all I’m really asking. I suspect nothing will change, and that’s fine too, but I suppose I’m just throwing this out there as feedback for the developers from a fellow community member.

Yeah that’s cool, it’s what the community is for 🙂

However this is more of a software issue than app issue. Sadly not much that can be done until phones start shipping with crazy amounts of ram 😅

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Can’t wait for that day! apple has entered the chat

MaxSez: This appears to be a “personal issue” to me! I can multitask, so can those who try. I am talking to my GrandKids on Facetime by phone as I jot here on my Pad now! I do my banking by App and fly on a Pad during cruise regularly. What’s a Madder You! (This is not an FDS issue in my military mind!)


I’m just not going to question what you just said, sound good?


Now that is multitasking Max!


Would it be an option to make the call on speaker and have IF on the screen simultaneously? (Never tried as I use my iPad and not phone for IF, but probably worth a try).

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Well, last time I tried that IF crashed… Otherwise, yeah, that would in theory work

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Just an idea, sorry that this didn’t work!

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The grace period, from what I have found, is quite random. There are times when I can tab away, forget that I had a flight going and come back 2 hours later and still reconnect while other times I’ll simply check snapchat for a matter of 30 seconds and come back to see that I was logged of. Just think of it as some sort of “roulette”.

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I understand what you are getting at, but Infinite Flight is a live game if you are playing on a live server and extending grace periods would cause issues between ATC and pilots as Deer Crusher said. I’m sure there’s some solution to this, which if the devs think is necessary then they will implement.

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Maybe a reconnect function, ill be more interesting… the game close, but u ll can reconnect If u restart If on a short period of time (15-25) minutes…

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How about answering the call in the background of IF, and not leaving your flight unattended. So when you get notified about an incoming call, answer it but stay on your flight.

Not sure about iOS but that works fine on android devices.


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@Igor_Gabriel @Oskapew that poses the same issue with ATC and pilots as DeerCrusher mentioned. There would still be a time where essentially an uncontrollable plane is flying through the skies causing disruptions for other pilots… think about it this way you are flying into an FNF ( Friday Night Flight) at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ( KATL/ATL). As you know its very busy there. If you were to step away while approaching KATL’s airspace, even for a call… it would be very problematic. Approach Controllers trying to vector you around will not be able to get an immediate response and they will be forced to vector 20-100 aircraft around or ghost you when they can be tending to other’s needs. That is why the longer grace period can’t be implemented. 5 minutes is already quite generous. I understand though it may be frustrating when your flight gets interrupted. A Nice considerate idea though!!! :)

Hope you found this helpful, feel free to tag or PM me if you have any further questions.

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OS issue, not app issue.