App crashing

I’m using Android device
Can’t go long haul, app is keep crashing everytime within a hour,

trying lowering your frame rate and keep the quality on low

if that didnt work trying clearing Scenery Cache


Sorry to hear.
Have you looked through here as the first starting point? :)

Infinite Flight supports 8,300 different Android models, so if you could be a bit more specific, it would be most helpful to everyone :)


1st of all
The app isn’t loading for 3 days constant,
But now last 2 days the app keep crashing within an hour

I’m playing with the lowest setting
Fps, graphics, 3d airport

And I’m using oppo A9 (2020)

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Hey boss, you got something for me

App just randomly crashed on me while at cruising altitude in the middle of the night, with graphics turned all the way down, on a 6th generation iPad…

It is beyond aggravating that this can happen in the middle of a long-haul cruise and there is no way to resume your flight, even if you reopen the app immediately. There should be some way for the server/app to see when someone has been involuntarily disconnected and allow them to reconnect within a certain period of time.

No actually it’s not the app’s fault, it’s my phone,
Phone automatically turnoff all running apps, if the phone reaches 45°c .

Issue resolved by OP