App crashing

For the past few days I’ve been trying to complete flights and for no apparent reason, the app crashes before I have a chance to do the flight, in the middle of the flight, or just as I’m about to land. It’s frustrating when I spent all that time for nothing. How can this problem be resolved?


Yes, this is a known issue. There’s a hotfix coming out within the next few days that should fix some of these.

its been happing to me and man it is so annoying

happens to me when im doing a long haul and i go to sleep and wake up my ipad is on the home screen or off and i find out the flight lasted only 2-3 hours

The APP is crashing on every flight I do. So frustrating.

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Everything should work better now since the HotFix is out, this might fix it so far.

Same here it just crashed 8 houres into the flight. I feel so useless right now. From EDDF to KORD. The game crashed because I was looking at other flight plans on the server. Its just sad.


The APP just crashed again, as it did earlier today. This is terrible.


Even after the hotfix, the same problem is still ongoing! I’ve started soo many flights spending up to an hour to prepare! Then the app decides to crash and go back to the device home screen! Really frustrating!


Me too . Update the hotfix AP still have problem


Just crashed for me over Utah. There was some sort of glitch yesterday where I lost the airport, so I cleared the scenery catche. Left the plane at the gate on circle, and then when I came back over an hour later the game was so glitched out.

Hoped it wouldn’t be a repeat problem, but I guess not.