App Crashing

Earlier today, i was flying between MCO and EWR. While i was parking, the app just crashed, but the graphics opitions were all in medium with AA and 30fps set. My device is an iphone 11 with IOS 16.3.1.


Crashing is a problem in IF right now, the Devs are trying to fix it and they don’t know the cause


Wasn’t the latest update supposed to fix this issue? 🙃

Only if you assume that all crashes that happens on every app is due to the same reason and that there’s only one reason for an app to crash 🙃

I expanded a bit more about it here:

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I have a third generation ipad, the latest version of IF and high graphics all except the first looking from above that is in the middle, anti lasing activated and 30 FPS, the crashes are usually solved by reinstalling the application but when a few flights pass I fly to happen especially in crowded airports, the latest version of IOS downloaded as well.

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