App Crashing

Hey IFC! Earlier today I was slowly arriving after a long 11hr flight from SPJC-EHAM, when all of a sudden I was flying over EGLL and I was taking a look down at the airport from FL350, then my app crashed. My iPad Air Gen 3 was no even hot at all. I cleared scenery cache before the flight started and even reset my iPad. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? Thanks!


IF is crashing a lot, and the devs are trying to fix it. We/they don’t know the cause yet

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With my iPad 8th Gen it got crashed twice. Mainly on expert server with more traffic and when am in Normal camera mode and rotate the view app crashes 😥


Having issues too. For the money paid, hoping a resolution is met soon. So frustrating to have a long flight to not get credit because it crashes on final , etc :)

Server crash. What a disappointment and frustration. After more than 46 hours of flight and 13 minutes before landing, the application crashes and takes me out of the server.

How can I :

  1. Send you the information so you can see what happened and correct the error

  2. Get my XP and my 3 landings back, if possible

Thank you in advance for your answer

PS I have the replay

Here’s your problem.
Sorry but don’t expect any app that have rather high performance requirements to run for this long without issues. It’s simply too much. Doesn’t matter what device.

Those are continuously updated server side so all the stats you accumulated up to the app crash have been allocated to your account.

The answers to those questions are here:

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Hello Sebastian

Thank you very much for your answer. It’s very nice of you.

I think it’s great that the stats are constantly being updated and I understand that a flaw is possible! I just wanted to beat my flight time record! Hahaha

I take this opportunity to thank you all for your commitment. Your application is, compared to others, just great! I find the price ratio very very affordable for all the efforts you make.

Thank you again for your help.

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App crashed KMCO taxing

Sorry but this is a great example of what I mentioned earlier.


This game has now become unplayable for me unless I only want to fly 1-2hr long flights. I was doing LHR-EWR when my game crashed 5NM out from the airport. This is like my 5th app crash in the last week. Here are my settings. Rendering quality high, 3D object density high, rendering resolution high, texture quality high, anti-aliasing off, frame rate limit 30fps, airplane count low. This is making me want to quit IF. I play now on an iPad Air Gen 3 and I got over 200GB’s of free storage left on my device. As someone who’s played IF since 2016 this hurts me a lot. Now this game is unplayable due to these app crashes constantly. I used to fly on my iPhone 12 (around the same age as my iPad and my phone has less storage on it) and it rarely crashed and I had higher settings. No one is going to pay $1000 for a device then pay $10 a month for a subscription for your game. Instead of always blaming the device maybe actually look internally and help solve these app crashes. This problem has been an issue since be 23.1. I want stuff fixed soon before I don’t renew my IF subscription in early May. I am sure a lot of other users agree with me on this. I am sure you guys are going to be losing a lot of customers because we see no issues being fixed. Listen to the community and fix these app crashing issues asap!


maybe don’t have them on high…

Try putting these on medium or low. I usually keep it on low and my game rarely crashes

Bro beat me by a split second

But then why would my phone that’s the same age as the iPad handle it and not crash?

I agree, it’s horrible to miss flights due to application failures, like I don’t change anything graphically and after the last updates Apple devices had so many problems? I’ve seen many other threads talking about iphones and ipads up to the latest so this is no longer considered a graphics issue but it must definitely be glitches and poor optimization of the app.

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Or save the ten bucks, sell ur ipad, and buy a PC.

The crazy thing is is that I had my iPad in front of fans and it was even warm at all and it still crashes. I think it’s more of an IF error rather then a device error.

I for example have an iphone xr, but if you dig further into #support you’ll see that up until iphone 12/13/11, the iPad Pro 20/21 was dealing with closing apps. So, in my point of view, the problem is in the application and at any moment all iDevices can close the simulator unexpectedly, as happened in the last updates

Exactly and it doesn’t seem like they are working on anything to prevent it!