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I’ve created 2 other topics about this issue (both of which have closed), and yet I still haven’t found anything that will permanently fix it. Originally, my app would crash almost every flight but after clearing my scenery cache before each one, doing a soft restart of my iPad, and only doing one leg at a time, I’ve managed to avoid it happening consistently. Now though, any time I try to fly into an airport with ATC the app crashes within about 20nm of the airport. After the first time it happened, I turned my airplane count to “none” and further lowered my graphic settings and it happened again today.

-iPad 9th Generation
-IOS 16.1.1

App Crashing Constantly - Support - Infinite Flight Community

App Crashing Constantly - Support - Infinite Flight Community

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hey @Alpha1Aviator this problem is being fixed I advise you to update your PadOS to the most current version as this problem originally appeared when iOS 16 and the 22.8 update arrived. Infinite Flight runs smoothly on Apple devices that are still on iOS 15, while the devs are working on an optimization I recommend that you make shorter flights and without medium / high traffic from planes around you

note: this helped me

I did a performance comparison. On the iPhone XR versions of ios 16 did not execute infinite flight correctly, causing low fps, very high heating, freezes followed by Crash, in full airports you could have the count of planes in “None” or even lower graphics possible the problem continued.

In a beta version “no longer released by apple” on iOS 15.6 RC my device smoothly supported high graphics, high plane counts, fps spiked at 30, no overheating, and loading much easier. The problem may be related to optimization, which needs to be corrected.

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