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I have an iPad Pro 2022 512gb I only use it for infinite flight no other apps or games on this device I would be able to do long haul flights from WSSS to KJFK, KLAX to OMDB or Doha to Sydney on high airplane count and high graphics no problem but the past week I can’t even fly from KSAN to KPHX without the app crashing constantly even this past event a few days ago in Canada flying from Calgary to Vancouver the app just crashed or my iPad completely resets itself it’s very frustrating and discouraging especially when I pay every month I even cleared the cache made sure my device is updated still the same issue is it because of 22.8?? Or something else need help please

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I’d give this trick a try, it seems to work for some people: SettingsGeneraliPad StorageInfinite FlightOffload App.

This will free up storage from IF, but keep its data. Then, reinstall the app.

This might help resolve your issue.

I’ll try that and let you know thanks for the help


Hi there!
I have the exact same IPad as you and the same storage!:)
This is a known issue and the devs are looking into it!:)
You could try:

  • Reinstall Infinite Flight ✈️

  • Try and clear the scenery cache

  • Restart your device

  • Maybe try and delete some apps of your device that you don’t really use:)

I sometimes have the exact same problem!:)
There are multiple topics about this! If either of those bullet points don’t work then contact me again!:)
Take care:)

Thanks for the information I’ll wait for developers to fix the issue

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No problem! They are looking into it!:)

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