App crashing

I know there’s so many topics about this but this is getting ridiculous, guys. If the app crashed on me every once in a while sure I get it, this happens with most bigger games. With how consistently this has been happening though, I almost can never look forward to completing a flight of any length without wondering when I’m going to be suddenly staring at my iPads Home Screen. The app has been reinstalled several times, IOS is up to date, space isn’t an issue, scenery cache cleared after most flights, replay files deleted, nothing running in the background, and my settings are on low.

No I do not have the newest iPad, but it’s not an extremely old one either (had it since around 2017, 5th gen). Quite honestly, if my device not being the newest is the issue then I’d feel for many I know in this community and assures me that this isn’t something just happening to me for some unknown reason. Any advice on this? Besides, “Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?” …Thanks.

Firstly, sorry that you’re experiencing constant app crashes.

Could you please let me know 1. The exact model of your iPad (I just want to verify whether or not it’s the 2018 model, or something older that you bought in 2018) and 2. What your graphics settings are?

5th gen, I said around 2018 because I wasn’t sure but if I had to guess this device was released in ‘17.

Edited to fix that.

Graphic settings in game? Everything is low. It’s funny, because I actually had less issues back when I could set it to higher

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Understood, I wanted to know cause age of the hardware does make a difference. It’s 5-year-old hardware, which shouldn’t really cause trouble during short-medium hauls on Low. Of course, it won’t perform as well as brand new hardware would, but it is quite weird that IF crashes on Low graphics indeed.

Do you have any other apps running in the background while you’re flying? If you do, try closing them and leave only IF running. iOS really likes killing apps that take up lots of system memory, for better or for worse.


Sorry to hear about this.
We’ve been monitoring this quite a lot, as there’s been a few topics.
Unfortunately it’s not a crash that registrering in our systems (almost all crash types do, except the ones that are triggered by the OS).

If this is happening to you with low graphics, 30fps and with some over head of storage available (1GB or more) - we would appreciate a lot of if you could to the following next time you experience a crash:

So, to help us look further into this (if the issue reoccurs) please do the following next time it happens:

  • Go into iOS Settings → Privacy → Analytics & Improvements → Analytics Data
  • Find Fds.InfiniteFlight.iOS on this list with the search: it may have a few, but they are all dated. Just choose the most recent one that does not have the word “resource” in it (I put an example screenshot below)
  • Share with us via email to


Thanks, I appreciate it. Go ahead and close

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This is really important folks, and we’d really appreciate if this can be done if you’re experiencing a consistent crash on iOS. We hate crashes as much as any user but we need some extra information to be able to act on it I’m afraid. If anybody sees this issue, and can take a couple of minutes to send one of these logs over, we’d be able to look into it some more (and would be grateful!).

Thanks! :)