App Crashing

Every time I try to spawn into an airport with ATC on expert server the app crashes after a few minutes. Any ideas?

According to what I’m able to see, you aren’t an IFATC member which means that you shouldn’t be able to open on the Expert Server. Are you sure that you’re trying to open on the Expert Server and not the Training Server?

The way I interpreted that was when they spawn at an airport with ATC services open. They’re a pilot

Fair enough. Must have been my eyes playing tricks on me again.

Correct. Thank you

Is the ATC presence connected with a lot of planes or does this also happen at controlled airports without any other planes?

Airports with lots of aircraft. Not at untowered airports.

How high is your aircraft count? Your device might not be able to handle so many aircraft visible at once

I just spawned into Baltimore and it happened again.

It was very high, I just lowered it to medium.

Great! Hope it improves your situation, if not try out low and if that also doesn’t help you might also play around with the graphic settings as well.

It crashed again, this time halfway through my flight.

Sorry to hear that… One last idea I have is for you to clear your scenery cache. My app was lagging bad time but I cleared it before my current flight and now its totally smooth again

Ok, thank you!

Do you have any background apps running?

No, that was a good idea!

Alright then. Have you tried restarting your device? Do you have a consistent internet connection?

Hi, You can turn the Anti-alising off, check the resolution scale, 3D airports textures or map graphics will adjusted to low or medium. The game will runs smoothly and you can saving more battery but the game resolution will be reduced.

My app is crashing like 2 seconds after I start the app up

I have tried restarting and my internet is extremely stable.