App crashing

Hey I had a couple of app crashes yesterday while taxiing at Singapore airport after a flight. This happened twice once from Jakarta and then from Kuala Lumpur.

Anyone else experience this?



Please can you tell us what device you are using, the IF graphics settings you are using and how much device storage you have left?

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Using an I pad with 48GB out of 128GB being used.
What rendering quality
Rendering Resolution
Texture quality is advised ?

Which iPad do you use (exact type and generation please)? Also what graphics settings are you currently using?

Then I can determine advisable settings…

You could also swing over to this topic to check recommended settings for your type of device! :)

Are you on the 21.1 open beta or 20.3?

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hey so im using the ipad air 64gb i just started having this problem yesterday where as soon as i take off in the middle of the flight the app crashes im using the beta it happen to me 5 times already

@CaptainBaez issue reports on the beta build should go in the #open-beta category :)

There was a build recently pushed to fix the crashes:

If you still encounter issues feel free to report them in #open-beta category. Thanks!

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ok thanks and sorry about that