App Crashing

Unfortunately, I am unable to complete any flight, long haul or short haul, without the app crashing. Since the official release of 20.2, I have been able to complete 1 flight so far, a short haul from New York to Toronto. These happen especially when I am using 3rd party apps for step climbing, call outs, etc. For example, when using IF Assistant, after about 5 minutes of the app being in the background, it will loose connection to IF and stop working. Same happens with other 3rd party apps.
My device is a 2018 iPad Pro running on iOS 13.7.

Try not using 3rd-party apps and see what happens.

Also your device is a couple years old now so probably can’t handle the highest settings…especially with the added stress of the new 777 models requiring a good device.

I experienced the same problem. 3 out of 4 flights I did this weekend got crashed just before final or short after takeoff.
I cleared the cache every time before opening the app, my settings are low and I’m using the iPad 6th generation.
Hoping it isn’t a bug as after the A350 update.

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Hey @Floribert, sorry to hear about that. Do you have any third party apps in the background?

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Hey @TheAviationGallery, no just running infinite flight. I usually do the soft restart for iOS before starting the app

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