App crashing

Hello IFC,

Today I was a little frustrated because my app crashed twice. Sometimes when I change the altitude of a fix, the app crashes and I lose all my flight, this has happened to me several times, but especially today, it happened twice. Has this happened to anyone else?

Can you give a bit more info on your device type and operating system?

What 3rd party apps are you using?
What plane?

Pocophone F1
CPU: Octa-core 2.8GHz

IF Assistent

It has happened with the A330, 767 and A318

When you changed the alts was it in infinite flight?

I would try without any third party apps and see.

Yes, I changed the altitude of the LGA VOR the last time the app crashed.

This has happened to me too @Arthur… Well a several times as I had my IF operations running… And it didn’t happen afterwards when I closed the the third party app. As @Chris_S mentioned that above… Maybe try that you know!

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