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Hey, If I’m spawning into airports with ATC the game crashes after a few seconds. I’m using an 2018 IPad, my Settings are on the best I can go, my airplane count is on medium, cause it’s because the atc its only in online. If I spawn into an airport with out atc everything is ok but if I spawn e.g. at Heathrow the ATC Noise Starts crackeling and after a few seconds the app closes.

Thanks for the Help

Welcome to our beautiful community, @louk. i recommend you take a look here Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!
sometimes happens when you spawn at busy airports, try to spawn on remotes gates…

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Hey there Louk,

Please read these posts from two of our Infinite Flight Staff Members:

Can you do a few things to reproduce this issue better?

  1. Spawn in at EGLL with ATC, Turn down your airplane count to None - Does the app still crash?
  2. Spawn in at EGLL with ATC, Turn down your settings (both Rendering and Resolution) to Medium - Does the app still crash?
  3. Spawn in at EGLL with ATC and immediately “Hide Taxiways” in the Infinite Flight Map Settings
  4. Spawn at HSFS (or another unedited airport - with little to no taxiway map) - Does the app still crash?
  5. Restart your app and spawn back at EGLL with ATC - Does your app still crash? - If so, at what moment does it crash? Is it upon spawning in? Is it upon tuning into an ATC frequency? Is it when requesting something?

Furthermore, go into your iPad settings and take note of how much storage space you still have. As Cameron and Sebastian both stated, this could play a big factor.

Do these things and report back your findings


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