App crashing

My app crashes when I’m planning my route or about to land. Is there any solutions to it


We’re working on these crash issues. Sorry about the inconvenience!


Do I still launch the app?

I had this issue earlier while being on short final after a 13 hour flight. Re-launch and keep playing, it’ll get better over time.

Omg I can’t even do one flight it’s so annoying

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The devs are working hard to fix this, I’m sure they want the simulator as good as possible!

I almost cried today when I seen my long flights all crash

Hey, we know it is annoying but the developers are working there hardest on a fix to the issues. Just try and hang in there :)

Ahh the app did crash yesterday, but that was because it was new so I didn’t care, it’ll smooth as the days past. But I have it somewhat worst on my end, possibly (idk yet) but my jailbroken device might be causing my ipad to heat up more but.