App Crashing

I am having problems with IF whenever I try taxiing or taking off. The app keeps crashing, first it freezes, then it just quits completely. Just so everyone knows, I do not have any apps in the background, and I already tried clearing scenery cache. Neither worked. This is getting super frustrating, so if anyone could help, that would be great!

I had this earlier too… Ended up to be some issue with my connection with global server ! So maybe you gonna check that

But how is that possible if my WiFi connection is good?

Can you give us some more device specifics please?

10/4. I have the iPhone 6s, my wifi connection is good, and all my graphics settings are on high. This issue has never occurred before.

My graphics settings have always been on high, and it has never been a problem.

Try reading this…

There is a memory leak problem with IOS that is being looked into. If you have an older phone or a phone with less ram your device may crash. Like said below try lowering your airplane count (make sure to turn on aircraft boxes) and lower your graphics, especially for longer flights.

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Although I don’t have the 6S, I have an iPhone 6, which does not run Infinite Flight well at all, since its an aged device, hence why Apple have stopped issuing upgrades to iPhone 6’s, if possible I recommend maybe using a newer device to run Infinite Flight.


Given the circumstances that is, as i’m sure you’ve read in the Support FAQ pinned to this cateogry - such graphics settings on an iPhone 6S is too high. I would almost say it’s too high given normal circumstances.

Lower them a notch at the time, together with Airplane Count and I’m sure you’ll notice an improvement.


Ok. That sounds good. Thank you for the help!


And try to avoid changing camera, and if able, put cockpit view and look into the seat or roof for all flight. Scenery won’t load so you will have a lot of memory free and that could help avoiding crashing.

As he’s experiencing issues early on, that won’t help. You need to see the ground when on the ground. In cruise however, yes.

Yes of course, i forgot to mention that it’s doable on cruise… I was just giving some tip i learned days ago in the IFFG facebook group :)