App crashing

As soon as I enter infinite flight and load a flight it crashes I have got everything on low and it still immediately crashes I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and it has done nothing is there anything else that I can do,thanks

Hi @William_Sinclair
Have you done all these things below,

Restarting the app.

Clearing any unnecessary background applications.

Re-installing Infinite Flight Completely.

Clearing Scenery Cache

Lowering your airplane count, and graphic settings.

Let me know if you’ve have.

Everything is on low graphic,I have cleared scenery cache aircraft count is on low I have tried completely deleting the app and I have no other application open and still crashes as soon as I load into an airport


I had this issue last night. I restarted my device and it stopped.


Hmmmmmm, do you have good internet?

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What device are you on as well?


Surprised no one asked if it was on IOS or Android.

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I have a 6 generation iPad

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Then on IOS is a pretty known issue. Devs are trying to work on a hotfix and are trying to test it.

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It’s an issue that IF staff knows of and they trying to fix but it takes time

Totally agree. Its become a complete joke. I dont know what kind of business you can run when the product doesnt work at intended. I use to think that it was my older iPad air went out and bought a brand new iPad Pro and it crashed multiples times now. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but its getting old and have lost patients with it which is sad cause i love IF.


Yeah I hate to moan as there is worst things going on in the world right now with the virus & Job losses (which could be mine) just want something to work!


Let me repeat my self it’s an issue that the staff knows of, and they are trying to fix it and it takes time

You can repeat yourself all you want but it doesn’t take way from the issues that have continued to plague the game for quite a while now; it would be one thing if it was a new release and a quick fix was in the works to resolve but this has been weeks/months now. Overheating, crashing, lag, etc none of these should be happening on a high end device.

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This issue was undiscovered no one saw it could be an issue

Topic: Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting!

What bothers me more is the fact it’s been around for so long and hasn’t been fixed yet! I understand that there are ‘undiscovered issues’ however this should have been sorted a while ago.

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Some of you are talking about things that does not even relate to the app.

Yes, we have an ongoing issue with increased crash rate on iOS but the issue this user is experiencing is not that. It’s something else. We have explained a lot about this in numerous places. Last thing I personally posted about this can be found here:

Then some of you are speaking about things that seems to have been around forever, but not to the rest of the communities or our knowledge.

While you are going on about these other things, you are in no way helping anyone. At least of all the user who created the topic.

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