App Crashing

I have had a few flights now where on final the app has frozen then crashed and has gone back onto the home screen of my iPad. I keep getting the ‘device memory low’ message so I changed the airplane count to low in settings but that hasn’t helped. Can anyone help because this issue now occurs on more and more of the flights that I do.

Thanks in advance, Jacob 👍🏻

Hi there,

One of the first things to try is free up some storage on your device. Deleting old pictures and videos will help in this case.

What device do you use for IF?

Well does memory mean RAM or storage? Because “Device memory low” sounds like it’s to do with RAM, but then you suggest it’s to do with storage. So which is it?

Well for the device memory low then that is likely from too many processes running at the given moment so that would be a Random Access Memory warning, also if the user doesn’t have all of the aircraft downloaded there may be a case where the device is downloading neighboring aircraft and/or scenery data. I was hoping for information from the OP so that we can delve into specifics such as setting and specs.

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I am using an iPad mini 2 and I always make sure that when I play infinite Flight all of the background apps are closed to that I don’t have any issues with RAM.

Unfortunately the Mini 2 is starting to show its age. You could try putting your settings to medium and be careful while charging your device as heat will result in performance degradation. I would takeoff with the charger disconnected and then plug it back in once the cruise altitude is reached.

Have a look here: Device Compatibility Thread


Thanks I will defiantly try this 👍🏻

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