App Crashing??

Has anybody been experiencing random app crashing. I recently experienced a crash while taxiing at klax a second ago. Just wondering if anybody else is noticing similar issues?

There is probably too many aircraft there or the graphics are too high. Was your device hot or warm at all?


When this happens to me I find the following steps resolve it;

  • Restart IF
  • Clear all background Apps
  • Restart your Device
  • In rare cases, you may also need to uninstall and reinstall IF.

Oh, and be sure to test on Solo Mode first


There were alot of aircraft there, and the graphical images were rendering pretty weird, especially the scenery.

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You mean lagging?

No. I guess it crashed cause the airport was packed with planes

Yeah that happens once in a while especially at crowded airports. If it happens multiple times in a row then it’s probably a bigger issue and you might have to perform the steps @KaiM mentioned.


This happend to me in flight from KLAX to Phnl and i was over the ocean in a Iphone 7plus. and it crashed 2 hours away from the airport and it was very smooth ride no lag or anyting idk why i closed everything and i did every step before the flight.

It happens here and there
I suggest limit frame rate and Close out some apps along with turning the graphics down

U don’t really need to reset device and reinstall and all that stuff but if what i mentioned above doesn’t work you should do what @KaiM mentioned

May I ask which type of device you used and the settings that you were using?

In one airport I was thinking that there is ice on the Runway.

Yes after the recent hotfix update, I have 2-3 crashes. The worse one happened 1 hour ago after 13 hours flight from Tehran to Los Angeles just one hour was remaining to arrive.

What device are you using?

6th gen ipad. Its doing it anymore

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