App crashing

It rarely lags on Both on my latest stream everything was perfect no lag at all

My android is 6.0.1 @Ryan_Vidad

Well, I think the problem is just your device. Your device specs are already on the lower end for Infinite Flight. When you stream you are just adding to the stress on the device. My solution: get a new device or don’t stream.

By the looks of your stream right now… Yep, I will have to disagree. Your game from my perspective is “chunk of lag” … That’s all I see. Refer to the solutions above

It rarely lags on my last stream there was no lag on a 787-9

Not much other u can do if u are doing everything low power low graphics, what COULD Help is not streaming and restarting your device to clear the ram bit other then that it could be time to upgrade

It lags very rarely Idk if its the scenery because on US when I go to KDCA it never lags and always start lagging in south america

As stated earlier I would not stream on your current device. Not many people want to watch a laggy stream without the best graphic settings. If you want to stream you should certainly get a device that is well above the device requirements. I would refer you to this:

Thank you for your cooperation in sharing your device information!


The lag ocurrs when Im on tge Airport and when I change views It crashes someone requested Scenic view and the sim crashed

Your answer is posted above

I know @William_Armstrong

Sorry NICO but nothing more needs to be said that is the best possible thing to help your support question

Simple answer is, you learned the effects of that, don’t do it again with the same quality of stream or graphic view. Your question has been answered.

Do you suggest me any device ???

This was posted a few posts above. Make sure you read all the posts in your own support topic!

U can look at the razor phone budget phone with great graphics

Apple just released a new tablet that is extremely reasonably priced, and should be able to run IF well:

I need android not IOS 😐

This is not the place to ask for tablet recommendations