App crashing

This Game has ruined my streams like 10 times It should be cheaper if the sim crashes Everyday this already ruined my stream and that got me dislikes this is completely your fault I got more than 2GB Free Im really Dissapointed with Infinite Flight

So if I’m understanding correctly your problem is frequent crashes?

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Well, you should first take a few steps to stop crashes. For example, turn anti-aliasing off, turn down your graphics, limit frame rate, and limit live aircraft count. Do all that and you should be good to go!

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Are most of your settings at the lowest quality and anti-aliasing off?

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Thanks mate now its better but Still lagging :(

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Did you clear your RAM before starting your flight?

It crashes Everyday I hope this stops crashing

Also, make sure to close background apps, and don’t leave the app while flying.

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First off, take a huge chill pill and relax! Streaming at more then 720p, full on high graphics or even medium with running both at the same time can really impact your livestreaming preformance. Turn down your settings, clear your cache, and turn down your streaming quality if needed and try then

What device are you using? What OS are you on? @NICOCRAFT

I Stream 480p with low graphics

I clear RAM every flight

And you have more then 2 gb? That’s technally impossible if I do the same with an Android device barely running IF with 1.4 gb storage.


I got 2GB Free but when a plane goes by it downloads that plane and uses more storage

When you livestream, do you have if not all but most of the aircraft downloaded? Also what airports are you flying to (shouldn’t have allot of traffic or you will certainly crash)

Right now Im live doing SLLP-SPJC It has no traffic at all

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Hey could you answer this question?


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Could you send us the specs of your device?

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How ? I send it the specs ?