App crashing

I have issues starting the flight whenever I start one it stays in the loading screen forever. I’m worried by 1 month pro sub will be wasted

Hello! Please provide more device specifications… Thanks!

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Hi there,

Don’t panic, sometimes the following tips will help you through this:

-Close the app
-Reset your router
-Restart your device
-Relaunch Infinite Flight

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Thanks for the solutions. Tried them but still not working :(

Please! someone help. I really want to play the game.

What device are you using?

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Samsung galaxy s4. I hope someone has a solution. :( the issue is on on solo as well. HELP!

Try lower your graphic settings. Is your S4 modified in any way? Rooted or similar?

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No it has not been modified. Any solution to this

Ok. Then as i suggested, try lowering all of you graphic settings and see if it helps.

I did try that as well. Anything else i can do

Have you tried complete removing Infinite Flight from your device and then reinstalling again? If not, please do.

Oh ok thanks alot but will it ask to purchase again

No. It won’t. It will recognize that you’ve already purchased.

Oh thanks alot. :). Finally I will be able to play. Thx

Just restart your device before every flight. That usually works for me

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It worked thanks to everyone who suggested tips :)