App crashing

App crashes Every time I hit the time button or the weight and balance button. Every once and a while it crashes at the menu screen. I have an lg g6. My specs are good enough to run the game smoothly in high quality. I’ve tried turning device off and uninstall and reinstall. I’ve also tried lowering the settings to low but it still happens. Here’s a link to a recording I took of this problem.

Have you got the new hotfix?

Yes I did and it does the same thing as before. It use to happen only when I hit the time button. But now its when I hit the weight and balance button.

Hello! Have you tried to Clear your RAM?

Yes I’ve done everything

@SWNelson Yes. He has tried that already

Well, I do not own the same device as you and I cannot reproduce the issue… Perhaps someone with the same device can try doing the same thing and we can see if it’s a device issue or more than that… Hope to see you in the Skies soon!



I’m going to try one more thing. I’m going to revert to android version that came out of the box and see if that works

I think it might be a device issue. Because if you look at the reviews on the play store for this device model there are complaints for the same issue.

Update resetting phone doesn’t help

Update If you have a lg g6 or any device that lets you scale your apps to fit your screen run infinite flight in compatibility mode. I don’t seem to have the problem anymore.Screenshot_2017-10-17-15-15-17


Good find. We might have a bug in our UI with devices with uncommon aspect ratio.


I just got done with my 1st flight after changing the aspect ratio and I didn’t have a single problem. By the way this an amazing Simulator great work. I cant wait to see what next is planned