App Crashing with High Performance Device

Hello, I have an IPad Pro which is perfectly capable of running at high graphics, and recently I have been experiencing the same thing. For example, the other day I took off from Tokyo intl for a long-haul flight, having RESTARTED the IPad beforehand to have a fresh start, and yet as I descend and come onto approach for Chicago intl, the app CRASHES!

So, I thought this would be a one-off, and took off again that evening for another long-haul flight from Incheon to Auckland. I make sure it reaches cruising altitude with no problems as usual, and then make my way to bed. When I get up, ready to land the Boeing 747-8, I come downstairs to a blank home screen. It had crashed AGAIN!

I am starting to get quite frustrated :(

What IOS version are you using ? (IOS 13 beta?)

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This doesn’t sound like a lot of fun indeed…
And it shouldn’t happen on your device. As requested can you share with us the details of hardware and OS version?

Have you tried removing the IF app and re-installing it?

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Here is my software version, does this have anything to do with the crashes? Thanks for the support.

I might try that, if all else fails. Thankyou for the support :)

It should be ok …
As said @azeeuwnl, try to reinstall the application.
Also, do you have enough free storage left on your iPad?

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Plenty of storage (the IPad started off with 256 GB) I am going to try and reinstall it then, thanks for your help.

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