App crashing while using splitscreen

Hello everyone, so I have done many flights in the past that have crashed for the same very specific reason; sliding my splitscreen across the screen. I use an IPad Pro to do flights, and I usually have 3 apps on the side; Discord (for communication), Safari (for flight planning), and FlightRadar (for flight tracking). I keep my splitscreen tabs on the left side of my screen, but occasionally, my finger will slip and it gets dragged to the right side of the screen. This in itself does not cause any issues, however, when I swipe the apps back to the left, this is when problems tend to occur. There is a 70% chance that when I slide it back, everything on my device will freeze. This includes the flight, as well as whatever I have on splitscreen. In the past 2 days alone, 3 of my flight have crashed due to this reason. I was hoping that someone might have any solutions to this problem. Thank you

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Do you mean slide-overs?

Like this:

I’m not having any issues.

The issue you’re describing sounds more like a device issue than an app issue.
Have you tried rebooting the device?

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