App crashing when trying to announce intentions on Unicom

Hello IFC,

Tonight I have discovered a new problem that I want to share with the devs. I hope this is a common problem and not only myself. When I was pushed back in EGPH and ready to taxi i announced taxi on Unicom and the app crashed as I announced taxi. It happened about 5 times both on the highest and lowest settings.

Device: IPad Air 3 2019
App Version: 20.1.2 (latest version)
Happened on both the highest and lowest settings.
Software Version: 13.3

Hey Jack! Would you mind telling us what steps you have taken to try to fix this? Have you restarted your device, app, etc.

Does it happen at every airport?
Have you rebooted?

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Yup I rebooted my device before every flight and have closed all background apps.

The servers seem to be down for some reason now (expert server) so I can’t test at other airports

When has the issue occurred? Was it very recent?

I’d like to share something that happened to me yesterday, if I may. This same thing happened but only with the 737-900 and another aircraft.

Literally about 5 mins ago yes

Hey @anon38496261! So that we can better help you, I’d recommend creating your own #support topic with all of your device specifications, etc. That way, we can dive into more detail for you in case these are separate issues.

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I have tried at 2 other airports both EIDW and EGCC and its still the same issue

I will try and redownload the app

Good idea. Make sure you save any replays you want to keep first. I’d recommend moving them to your files app or

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I’m not seeing any server issues. Is your connection solid?

Regarding crashing like this unless it can be reproduced every time or in a manner that others can we are all guessing and seeing what sticks. Does it happen at all airports or one one, etc. Does it happen on WIFI only or does it happen on Cellular also.

You can try to back up your replays and re-install if you want and see if that helps.


The issue seems to have fixed itself after deleting and reinstalling the app 👍 thanks for your help guys

Probably should have done that in the first place 🤦‍♂️ This can now be closed

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