App crashing when spawning

Iam using a ipad3 and when i want to start with an aircraft it very often craches and goes back to the home screnn of the ipad and i ned to go and re download the Aircraft i wanted to use but not the region.If this is a duplicate iam sorry


Ipad3??? Unless you have invented time warp capability there is no ipad3.

But to my knowledge you are probably using ios9 or something and infinite flight must have updated to only iOS 10

Also please give your iPad specs

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Probably trying to spawn a large aircraft at a small gate, use a different (smaller) aircraft, and please, don’t be like the nimrods who use A380 Thai Airways to fly from LAX-NUC…


Probably a mini three.

NUC really needs to be closed off to commercial.


There is an iPad 3 - the 3rd generation of the original iPad (pre-mini and pre-air version). :)

@Norshuttle909 maybe its because your iPad is on the older side, so it doesn’t work well with Infinite Flight. Have your tried decreasing your settings?


There is an iPad 3 as Nathan said. It’s an old model.

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If you put this stuff on low, maybe the pad can handle it better…


Iam am not a nimrod and i fly realistic.

Don’t get off topic

This has happened to me, probably 4 times.
iPad Air 2
iOS 10
Hotfix Update

There is actually an iPad 3, but technically it’s called iPad Retina. But it’s still the 3rd gen iPad, hence commonly referred to as iPad 3.
That said, it would not run things well at high quality settings. Anti aliasing should definitly be turned off.

What about high everything on the Air 2?

The Air 2 has higher specs so it should be fine.

High everything runs perfect on live for the Air 2 (I’ve got it) even with a full server and anti aliasing on.

No the ipad 3 is a separate device the iPad 4 which came out a few months later was called the iPad retina hence why many don’t know what a iPad 4 is, because they both came out in the same year and the 3 was discontinued many think it was the retina but I had the retina and it’s the iPad 4

That’s what I do on my iPad Air 2 and everything’s great.

Sorry that’s incorrect. The 3rd gen iPad was the iPad Retina. The iPad 4 also was noted as retina, but the 3 was the first with the Retina display.

Okay but I’m saying that I’m pretty sure that only the iPad 4 is branded as retina, they were released within about five months of each other so it’s pretty fair to say that they didn’t call it 4 so they just called it retina with performance upgrades, just what I believe. I’m intrigued to find information to back up my claims as for me no one knows what the iPad 4 is

It’s just because very high grafics you set.
Also, iPad 3( Retina) is old one, it can’t just play this game