App crashing when selecting an airport

I have updated to Global on my OPPO R9 plus and the app crashes when I pick an airport. Does anyone know a fix for this? Cheers :)


Restarting your app by closing it and restarting your device will generally resolve an issue like this. If those two things don’t work, then report back. Thanks.

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Restarting did not work 😢

Does it happen with every airport? When does it crashes exactly?

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I have experienced this issue as well. An airport that causes my app to crash is KACV. I choose my aircraft and everything but once I hit fly the app immediately crashes.


It is happening with all the airports I have tried. As soon as I hit fly it loads for about three seconds then the app crashes.

There might be an issue with your specific device then.
Maybe try to lower all graphics settings before launching a flight (if you haven’t try already).
Did you try in Solo?

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I have have put all settings onto “low” mode. Restarted my device and the app and it is still not working. I have tried in both solo, and online.

Im also have this problem. The only way it will load up is if I go to the default airport in the default plane. I didn’t have this problem for the first couple of Flights. I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled. Didn’t help.

Additionally I would like to say I’ve cleared the cache & Tried the lowest GPU. My phone is a
ZTE: Z-MAX PRO Z981 Android (6.0.1)

Is this problem in live or solo? Or both?

Is Anti Aliasing disabled as well?

If it is then it sounds like a driver bug with your device. Maybe see if there is a more recent version of Android available that you could install; in some cases it can solve such problem.

What is the exact model number of your device?

I got a Oppo too and it is over the min requirements but it kicks me out of the app when i try starting a flight… It could be something with our oppo devices…

That happens with me too :(

1:(I have tried both live and solo.) 2:(Like I said I didn’t have this problem with the first 5 or so flights.) 3:(If I start up load up with the default Cessna, at the default KSFO. It will load up. If I then end flight. I can select the aircraft of my choice, load up and everything runs smoothly.) 4:(Please Note anti aliasing is off. I can run with the GPU settings as high as I choose with smooth running play.) 5:(My system is up too date.). ZTE Z-Max Pro Model# Z981 Build#Z981V1.0.0B21 Hardware Version u88A

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Only thing I haven’t tried yet is deleting App date when uninstalling. First time I uninstalled I just cleared the cache.

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My model number is X9009

Same. I use oppo F1plus and it’s still crash :(

OPPO devices seem to be having problems so sit tight and hope for a hotfix update at some point!

It is indeed a problem with Oppo devices. Unfortunately it is hard to get such device in the US so it might some times for us to find a solution.

We are still looking for a solution.

We did release a hotfix today but it is for a different issue that is affecting all devices.