App Crashing When Opening

When I open the app and select solo or live it shows the loading screen and immediatly 5 sec after the app closes. I did my first flight since the the global update on a Iphone 5s IOS 11.2

Do you have a strong internet connection and how much memory on your device do you have?

Hi! Please don’t panic. Please clear your RAM and download IOS 11.2.1. Thanks!

Clearing your RAM is easy:

  • Hold down your power button until you see the power off slide
  • Hold down your home button until the power off screen disappears

I don’t believe your devIce is supported let me check
EDIT: I checked and your device is supported but on the lower end of support

Where do I clear it?

There is a new iOS update 11.2.1

Here ya go. Edited my post

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You can delete apps and photos. I recommend you update to IOS 11.2.1 like Jacob said.

Yeah and 1GB left on the phone

@Daniel14 It shouldn’t matter what device he is on.

There is one of your issues. You need at least 2GB of memory on your device for Global.

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Try to have 2-3GB free. My suggestion is to move all your pictures to your computer and that frees up a lot of space.

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Wait let me try all theses ansers thx

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I dont know why I cant also download IOS 11.2.1

Do you have strong wifi and internet connection?

Sounds like you may need to clear some ram .

That’s weird. Make sure you have a good connection. Try reinstalling Infinite Flight.

Correction. Your Iphone 5S might not support IOS 11.2.1 but I will check just in case…

Yes I do have a strong internet connection

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The 5S does work with iOS 11. Please clear up some space and try again.

It’s here: the update