App crashing when changing frequency (iOS)

happened to me, i had to exit the app because it legit froze my screen. i got back onto IF then i saw it crashed. I went on the forum and saw 2 threads commenting on this issue. it’s a wide issue ppl in ifatc have to reboot atc sometimes

No is that what I should be doing?

You don’t have to delete your Replays, but you can for Storage.

I never really delete any of my Replays and I do a lot of IFATC, and do some Flights and my games never crashed except for this one time, I think the Server might of had a little issue but I’m sure it’ll get resolved!

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Ok I’ve tried clearing cache and deleting a few old replays.

Yeah, it’s definitely fine to delete your Replays I do it now and then:)!

Hey everyone, thanks for the reports of this. We’re looking into this to see why this is happening.

In the meantime, you can go to Infinite Flight Settings -> Audio and set ATC Volume to zero.

Note that you won’t hear any sounds from ATC - you can re-enable this later, but this is just a first step to see if it solves the crash. Thanks!


That seems to be doing the trick

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Happening to me too.
iPad Pro 10”
iOS 14.3

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Did it happen to you after you completed your pushback @ KMCO where I parked next to you?
I had no issues when flying overnight & contacting tower & ground was basically routine. It seems to be a pattern for those using apple devices. I am on android smartphone

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I just managed to depart with ATC volume off and no issues.

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Game just crashed when I tried tuning into EGLL Unicom.
iPad Air 4th gen
IOS 14.3

In the meantime, can you go to Infinite Flight Settings -> Audio and set ATC Volume to zero? Let us know if you’re still seeing the crash after this and we can continue investigating.

Please try these instructions before reporting the issue. Thanks!


Yes… right after the pushback! Happened 4X! But if the volume is off on the ATC in the settings it’s not crashing as Cameron described above!


Oh it happens when I’m in a big airport. Heathrow, SFO etc. I’ve tried EICK and it works alright.

i flew out of katl and into kmco and it was fine. it was just when i flew long haul, so i might not be doing long hauls

Happening to me aswell. I was attending an tracking thread and when I requested departure atc transmissions can no longer be heard . Then my Infinite Flight froze , and crashed aswell. I also went to settings and set the ATC Volume to zero and it was still happening.

iPhone 8 Plus
iOS 14.3

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Same problem volume 0 and still crashing.

iPad 6th gen
IOS 14.3

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Seems like i’m one of the lucky ones, haven’t had this issue as of yet and i’ve departed/landed at Heathrow countless times the past 2 days


Make sure it’s 100% in the bottom. It’s easy to have it end up at a few notches wrong.


Already checked that

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